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VaxAid HydroVibe

Add an extra level of performance to your VaxAid sessions with HydroVibe.

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  • Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
  • National Health Service
  • CE marking
  • Secure SSL Encryption
  • Reccommend by Experts
  • Drug-Free and Safe

    About Our VaxAid HydroVibe

    HydroVibe adds another dimension to your VaxAid pumping routine. The HydroVibe consists of a custom-made hydrotherapy ring with two IPX7-rated waterproof vibrators and attaches around the bellows of your unit. Once the pump is filled with water, the powerful vibrators create intense pulses to enhance your pumping routine. Each vibrator includes a variety of patterns, which allows for fine-tuned customization to achieve significant results. The HydroVibe-fitted pump provides a unique experience with 100 user-controlled vibration patterns, there is no feeling quite like the HydroVibe experience.

    Men around the world have improved their erectile dysfunction and sex lives with the use of our medical-grade penis pumps. Whether suffering occasional erectile difficulties or more serious complications, a vacuum pump is a safe, non-invasive, and scientifically proven way to restore sexual function. For superior results, we've now developed a performance-enhancing accessory to help maximize the benefits of your VaxAid device.

    In addition to the proven benefits of pumping for stronger, longer-lasting erections, the HydroVibe has numerous other benefits:

    • Improves muscle relaxation
    • Boosts neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, resulting in a better mood.
    • Helps release natural pain-killing substances like enkephalin, further relaxing your body.
    • More enjoyment of penis pumping routines, encouraging consistent pumping.

    2-year standard warranty included

    To ensure enduring, effective performance, VaxAid ED pumps all come with a complete two-year warranty, which covers any manufacturer defects or issues. In order to claim with your warranty, you'll need to register your VaxAid, using the unique code printed on the pump.

    extended warranties available

    If you'd prefer longer-lasting protection, we offer a collection of extended warranties, including an option for lifetime protection. You can see the comparisons below:

    3-Year Warranty ($39.99)

    Extends your protection to 3 years from purchase.

    5-Year Warranty ($49.99)

    Extends your protection to 5 years from purchase.

    Lifetime Warranty ($79.99)

    We recommend extending your protection indefinitely with this Lifetime VaxAid Warranty. While this warranty will protect your purchase indefinitely, we recommend registering your VaxAid as soon as possible, as we delete any personal information we collect after a few years for your security.

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