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Improve Post-Prostatectomy Recovery with VaxAid

Embarking on the journey of post-prostatectomy recovery can be challenging, especially when facing the effects of erectile dysfunction.

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Enhance recovery and confidence through VaxAid

At VaxAid, we understand the unique concerns you may have, and we're here to guide you towards a solution that works. Explore how our innovative water-based Deluxe pump is designed to enhance your recovery and restore confidence by helping treat post-surgery erectile dysfunction.

VaxAid, the world's best-selling penis pump, has empowered over 1 million satisfied men (and their partners)! We have created a solution that goes beyond conventional methods, offering a water-based hydraulic vacuum that enhances blood flow safely into the penis.

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92.9% of Vaxaid Deluxe users report having better erections!

This is based on our 2020 survey of all our customers within 2 months. Interested in learning more about our pumps? View our FAQs

Understanding Post-Prostatectomy Erectile Dysfunction

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Prostatectomy surgery, while crucial for addressing prostate-related health concerns, can often result in a significant impact on erectile function. This is a common concern among individuals undergoing the procedure, as the delicate balance in the pelvic area is disrupted.

The removal of the prostate can disrupt nerve pathways and blood vessels critical for maintaining a healthy erectile response. ED after prostate surgery is not uncommon, and penile rehabilitation is often possible.

Blood flow and sensitivity play pivotal roles in the recovery process post-prostatectomy. Our water-based pump for ED treatment draws blood into the penis to facilitate improved blood circulation and sensitivity, thus addressing two key components vital for a successful recovery.

VaxAid Pump Benefits and Solutions

Advantages Over Traditional Methods

VaxAid stands out from traditional pill-based solutions and air pumps as a prostate surgery ED solution. Our Deluxe Pump is a one-time purchase that eliminates the need for costly pills and prescriptions. If you want to enhance your experience, we also offer several accessories that can be added on.

Unlike air pumps, the Vaxaid non-electric ED pump creates consistent pressure. By using water, our pump is both safer and more effective. Safety is our priority, and that’s why we are ISO approved, and  FDA regulated.

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Your Post-Prostatectomy ED Solution


Circulation is Key

When it comes to recovery, the key is improving circulation. VaxAid works by creating a vacuum that brings blood flow into the penis. The process is simple, convenient, and comfortable. You can use it in the shower, bath, or air.

To see step-by-step instructions for how to use VaxAid, click here.


Recover with Confidence

If you're seeking improvement after your prostatectomy, we are offering a safe and effective solution in the VaxAid Deluxe Package.

You can be confident you’re making the right choice with Vaxaid’s 60-day 100% money-back guarantee.


Alleviate Concerns

Explore more about how VaxAid's features and benefits specifically address your concerns.

Take the first step towards reclaiming confidence and well-being by clicking here to get your FREE VaxAid Demo!

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Doctor-Approved Hydro Pump

“The long and short of it is that using hydropumps gives the user a healthy erection and promotes excellent corporal health.”

Dr Gary Gonzales
Medical Doctor

Success Stories

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Excellent High Quality Product

“After undergoing a radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer. I was advised to rehabilitate with the aid of a pump. The VaxAid is an excellent product, it's very well-designed, functional and easy to use. The VaxAid kit supplied is manufactured to a very high-quality standard. This really is a professional product and not a toy! With an additional 3rd party adjustable silicon ring applied after pumping, I can keep an erection for much longer.”

Steve W.

United Kingdom
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Great Pump

“A great pump for penile rejuvination. Increases girth and fully expands Penis to its fullest capacity thus dealing with ED at the tissue level. The benefit of warm water is a plus.”

Stephen F.

United States
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Great product

“The product has greatly help my ED after having robotic prostate surgery.”

Delcha W.


Frequently Asked Questions

*Before using, be sure to talk to your doctor to ensure VaxAid is right for you.

How does the VaxAid pump help after prostatectomy surgery?

VaxAid promotes blood flow, aiding in the recovery process after prostatectomy surgery.

Is the VaxAid pump safe to use after prostate surgery?

Yes, VaxAid is the world's only FDA-regulated hydropump, ensuring safety and efficacy.

How soon after prostatectomy surgery can I start using VaxAid?

You can start using VaxAid as soon as you're comfortable post-surgery. Consult your healthcare professional for personalized advice.

Are there any side effects associated with using the VaxAid pump?

VaxAid is designed for safety, and when used according to guidelines, side effects are minimal.

Can VaxAid completely restore erectile function after prostate surgery?

VaxAid can significantly contribute to restoring erectile function by promoting blood flow and sensitivity.

How long should I use VaxAid to see results after prostatectomy?

Results vary, but many users report noticeable improvements after regular use for at least 2 weeks.

Do I need a prescription to purchase VaxAid?

No, VaxAid is available for purchase without a prescription.

Is the VaxAid pump a one-time purchase?

Yes, VaxAid offers a cost-effective one-time purchase solution, eliminating the need for recurring pill expenses. If you wish, you can always purchase additional accessories to enhance your experience!

Can VaxAid be used in conjunction with other post-prostatectomy treatments?

Consult your healthcare professional, but many users find VaxAid to be a complementary addition to their recovery regimen.

Is there a specific technique to use the VaxAid pump after prostatectomy?

Follow the detailed instructions provided for optimal usage post-prostatectomy.