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VaxAid Deluxe ED Pump Kit


VaxAid Deluxe ED Pump Kit

The most effective option for improving the effects of ED and similar conditions.

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  • Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
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  • Drug-Free and Safe

    About Our VaxAid Deluxe ED Pump Kit

    Designed to be the single most convenient and effective ED pump on the market, the VaxAid Deluxe ED Pump Kit is significantly more effective than any other pump at improving the effects of Erectile Dysfunction. Using the attached handball unit, you can easily achieve the maximum safe level of pressure, for unparalleled results.

    A recent survey found that 100% of ED sufferers using an early VaxAid Deluxe ED Pump Kit reported real improvement for their condition, with 88% reporting an improvement for both their sex life and personal confidence.

    What’s included?


    Along with the pump and handball, your VaxAid Deluxe ED Pump Kit comes complete with a full selection of accessories to optimise your experience:

    • 5 Erection Rings (sizes depend on VaxAid model)
    • Medical Lubricant
    • VaxAid Clean Sample
    • VaxAid Cleaning Brush
    • Shower Strap
    • Discreet Carry Case, Towel & Padlock
    • Long Insert Pad
    • Instruction Manual

    Shipping, Warranty & Money-Back Guarantee

    Included when purchased through the VaxAid website:

    • Free, discreet worldwide shipping for any VaxAid pump
    • 2-year standard warranty
    • 60-day satisfaction guarantee

    Usable in Water or Air

    Ready in Minutes

    Effective for 9/10 Men

    VaxAid creates a vacuum around the penis, either using water or air pressure, drawing blood into the penis, resulting in a full erection.

    Used in water, this produces a natural-feeling erection – in-air use can result in a slightly less satisfying erection. With prolonged use, more blood is drawn in, expanding the Corpus Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum, giving you a prolonged erection and restoring full sexual function.

    To learn about how Vaxaid helps ED, read about The Science of Vaxaid.

    How to Use Vaxaid Deluxe

    In Water: In the shower, close the valve on your VaxAid Deluxe (if in the bath, leave it open). Fill the pump with warm water, then insert your penis into the pump. Make a seal against your body with the pump by pushing down. If in the shower, open up the valve, then continue pumping to build up vacuum power.

    In Air: Using VaxAid Deluxe in the air requires the included Erection Rings. Pick the right size for you, apply lubrication to your penis, and put the ring on, before inserting your penis into the pump and starting to pump. Keep going until you've achieved an erection (prolonged sexual performance may require a longer pump session).

    Choosing Your Size

    We offer three sizes of VaxAid Deluxe ED Pump, accommodating for practically all sizes.

    While it's necessarily difficult to estimate your erect size if you're suffering from ED, our V7 Deluxe is ideal for well over 90% of men, supporting lengths up to 7 inches. Our V5 models support up to 5 inches and our V9 models support up to 9 inches.

    Size Chart for Vaxaid Deluxe Pump : V5 Supports up to 5 inches, V7 Supports up to 7 inches and V9 Suports up to 9 inches

    2-year standard warranty included

    To ensure enduring, effective performance, VaxAid ED pumps all come with a complete two-year warranty, which covers any manufacturer defects or issues. In order to claim with your warranty, you'll need to register your VaxAid, using the unique code printed on the pump.

    extended warranties available

    If you'd prefer longer-lasting protection, we offer a collection of extended warranties, including an option for lifetime protection. You can see the comparisons below:

    3-Year Warranty ($39.99)

    Extends your protection to 3 years from purchase.

    5-Year Warranty ($49.99)

    Extends your protection to 5 years from purchase.

    Lifetime Warranty ($79.99)

    We recommend extending your protection indefinitely with this Lifetime VaxAid Warranty. While this warranty will protect your purchase indefinitely, we recommend registering your VaxAid as soon as possible, as we delete any personal information we collect after a few years for your security.

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