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We've designed VaxAid to help improve the symptoms of a number of different intimate conditions, restoring your ability to lead a satisfying, confident sex life. As VaxAid helps out with a diverse range of issues, we've split our Medical section into several different pages.

Click through below, and you'll find information about the science behind how VaxAid's clinically-approved design can support you - and what makes our hydropumps the most effective choice:

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED) - Affecting over 50% of men, ED means an inability to achieve an erection. There's many causes and types of ED, and VaxAid can help in practically all cases.
  • Premature Ejaculation (PE) - PE can be an embarrassing condition, particularly when it's recurrent. By building up stamina, VaxAid can help reduce the impact of PE.
  • Peyronie's Disease - Modern research has started to indicate that pumps like VaxAid can help reverse the penis curvature and pain caused by Peyronie's.
  • Drug-Free Treatment - While you've probably heard of the little blue pill, it's not quite as effective as you might think - find out about the shortcomings and risks of drug-based ED treatment.
  • Intimate Surgery - Thinking of going under the knife to correct an intimate issue? It's probably not necessary - find out why.
  • ED Pumps -  Find out about the history and science behind VaxAid and other ED pumps.
  • Exercises for ED - Living a healthy lifestyle can make a big difference for those suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. Here's some effective exercise tips.

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