The Science of VaxAid

How Does the VaxAid ED Pump Work?

Originally launched over 10 years ago, and since perfected with innovative new design features, VaxAid is an effective and powerful way to improve the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction and similar conditions. While VaxAid can't change the underlying cause of intimate conditions, there's a proven, scientific principle behind how it works to restore your full sexual ability.

When worn, VaxAid creates a vacuum around the penis. This vacuum draws blood into the penis, quickly giving the user an erection, with continued use resulting in a harder, long-lasting erection - a completely scientific process. Following the correct use of a vacuum pump, roughly 90% of ED sufferers experience restored sexual function.

VaxAid is significantly more effective than a standard vacuum pump, however. Like other ED pumps, VaxAid can be used in air, but for added convenience, there's another option. In the bath or shower, VaxAid can be filled with warm water, and used without any accessories or inconvenience, giving you a simpler, more dignified, and more effective way to improve the effects of ED.

How to use VaxAid

While all our VaxAid models are designed to be used easily, they work in slightly different ways - click through for an explanation of how our models work (and the unique benefits each option provides):

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VaxAid Results, Effects and Guarantees

VaxAid means real results, helping men across the world improve their ED. When you buy direct from this site, we guarantee that you'll be satisfied, or your money back. Click through below to find out more about the results of using VaxAid:

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Improving Erectile Dysfunction with VaxAid

While many are reluctant to talk about the problem, it's estimated that over 50% of men will experience Erectile Dysfunction at some point in their lives, from a vast array of different causes. Below, find out how VaxAid can make a genuine difference for ED sufferers.

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Beating Premature Ejaculation with VaxAid

One of the most common intimate issues, Premature Ejaculation can be humiliating, but it doesn't have to be permanent, with VaxAid helping to make a real difference for those affected by PE - find out how below:

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VaxAid and Peyronie's Disease

With recent research indicating that vacuum pumps like VaxAid can make a positive difference for those affected with Peyronie's Disease, we've launched a new VaxAid model, the Peyronie's Pump - take a look through the science below.

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