How Vaxaid Vacuum Pumps Work

The Science of VaxAid

How Does The Vaxaid ED Pump Work?

Originally launched over 10 years ago, and since perfected with innovative new design features, VaxAid is an effective and powerful way to improve the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction and similar conditions. While VaxAid can't change the underlying cause of intimate conditions, there's a proven, scientific principle behind how it works to restore your full sexual ability.

When worn, VaxAid creates a vacuum around the penis. This vacuum draws blood into the penis, quickly giving the user an erection, with continued use resulting in a harder, long-lasting erection - a completely scientific process. Following the correct use of a vacuum pump, roughly 90% of ED sufferers experience restored sexual function.

‘vaxaid gave me my world back’

Neil Ruddock

- Ex-England International Footballer

How Is Vaxaid Different?

Proven, Scientific Results

VaxAid means real results, helping men across the world improve their ED. It's currently estimated that 9/10 men affected by ED can achieve sexual satisfaction after using a vacuum pump - it's why pumps like VaxAid are increasingly used as an early, effective treatment for the condition.

Use in Water or Air

VaxAid is significantly more effective than a standard vacuum pump. Like other ED pumps, VaxAid can be used in air, but for added convenience, there's another option.

In the bath or shower, VaxAid can be filled with warm water, and used without any accessories or inconvenience, giving you a simpler, more dignified, and more effective way to improve the effects of ED.

Wide-Ranging Benefits

By restoring sexual function, VaxAid helps out in a number of different ways, with many reporting that using pumps like VaxAid improves their confidence, libido, and more. Vaxaid can improve Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and Peyronie’s Disease.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Because of the fantastic results reported by our users, and the real scientific basis for VaxAid, we're completely confident that VaxAid will help you. When you buy direct from this site, we guarantee that you'll be satisfied, or your money back.

If you don't see results, you'll have 60 days to claim a full refund for your VaxAid - just keep in mind that it can take a few attempts to get the pump workout right. Find your ideal VaxAid pump today, and get ready to make a real change.

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How To Use Vaxaid Pumps

While all our VaxAid models are designed to be used easily, they work in slightly different ways.

How to Use VaxAid Deluxe

The most advanced ED pump on the market, VaxAid Deluxe (also available as a pump for Peyronie's Disease) is an ideal way to improve the effects of Erectile Dysfunction, and can be used in a few different ways: in the air; in the bath or shower; and using the included handball.

Using In Water: In the shower, close the valve on your VaxAid Deluxe (if in the bath, leave it open). Fill the pump with warm water, then insert your penis into the pump. Make a seal against your body with the pump by pushing down. If in the shower, open up the valve, then continue pumping to build up vacuum power.

Using In Air: Using VaxAid Deluxe in the air requires the included Erection Rings. Pick the right size for you, apply lubrication to your penis, and put the ring on, before inserting your penis into the pump and starting to pump. Keep going until you've achieved an erection (prolonged sexual performance may require a longer pump session).

Using the Handball: Whether you're using VaxAid Deluxe in water or air, the handball lets you easily increase pressure in the pump, just by squeezing the ball. If used in water, the handball lets you achieve the maximum safe level of pressure in your pump, giving you maximised performance.


How to Use VaxAid Trainer

Our basic vacuum pump model, VaxAid Trainer is ideal for those affected by recurrent Premature Ejaculation or minor forms of Erectile Dysfunction. As a basic set, out the box, VaxAid Trainer can be used in water, but can be adapted for air use with a set of Erection Rings.

Using In Water: In the shower, hold the valve on your VaxAid Trainer closed while filling with warm water (in the bath, there's no need to close the valve). Insert your penis into the pump, push to create a seal, then, opening the valve if you're in the shower, continue to pump in order to build up vacuum power.

Using In Air: When you're ready to start your VaxAid exercises, apply lubrication to your penis, select the appropriate size of Erection Ring, then apply to your penis, pulling down to the base. Insert your penis into the pump, and start pumping against your body, until you reach a level of hardness you're comfortable with.


Improving Erectile Dysfunction with Vaxaid

While many are reluctant to talk about the problem, it's estimated that over 50% of men will experience Erectile Dysfunction at some point in their lives, from a vast array of different causes. Below, find out how VaxAid can make a genuine difference for ED sufferers.

Whatever the cause, ED almost always has a major impact on those affected, causing serious distress for many. While the causes of ED are diverse, the condition itself is largely physical, so physical treatments like VaxAid can make a real difference, completely restoring sexual function in approximately 9/10 cases (according to several studies cited by the British Journal of Urology).

Unlike some drug-based or surgical treatments, VaxAid is safe, inexpensive, and doesn't run the risk of unpleasant side effects - it just works.

There's two main physical concerns when it comes to Erectile Dysfunction, and VaxAid works on both: the supply of blood to the penis, and the preservation of blood in the penis.

On a basic level, by creating a vacuum around the penis, VaxAid forces blood into the penis, a completely scientific procedure. While using your pump, you'll quickly develop a full erection. For many, this is exactly what's needed.

For those who are unable to maintain an erection, however, a longer VaxAid session (or the use of Erection Rings) is ideal, with the exercise expanding the Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum, resulting in a prolonged erection that lasts long enough for full sexual satisfaction.

Beating Premature Ejaculation with Vaxaid

One of the most common intimate issues, Premature Ejaculation can be humiliating, but it doesn't have to be permanent, with VaxAid helping to make a real difference for those affected by PE - find out how below:

Many people don't think of Premature Ejaculation as something that can be treated. Regularly affecting up to 30% of men, Premature Ejaculation is even more widespread than Erectile Dysfunction, and has just as many potential causes. When it comes to improving PE, there's two main options (and we'd recommend trying both): mental and physical treatment.

In a lot of cases, PE is purely a mental condition (though that doesn't necessarily mean that you can just decide to stop experiencing it.), so treatments like CBT and couples' therapy can make a real difference (our Exercises for Intimate Health page explains more about this). Physically, however, there's two main options.

Delay gels are designed to prevent PE by numbing sensations, but for many, the numbing is somewhat excessive, reducing pleasure and intimacy. VaxAid, however, gives you a way to build up sexual stamina, applying pressure to your penis to train up your stamina, and helping you to last much longer

Vaxaid and Peyronie’s Disease

With recent research indicating that vacuum pumps like VaxAid can make a positive difference for those affected with Peyronie's Disease, we've launched a new VaxAid model, the Peyronie's Pump - take a look through the science below.

Until recently, vacuum pumps like VaxAid weren't thought to be an effective treatment for Peyronie's Disease, with doctors typically recommending surgical remedies.

Recently, however, a series of new surveys have strongly indicated that vacuum pumps like VaxAid can make a real difference for Peyronie's sufferers. In particular, a 2016 study noted that 68% noticed a reduction in the unnatural curvature following pump use.

The study concluded that vacuum pumps are safe to use in all stages of Peyronie's Disease, suggesting that pump use 'might reduce the number of patients going on to surgery', an extremely positive sign.

As with practically any medical treatment, some patients did notice a slight worsening for their condition - stop your pump use if you experience this, or any other discomfort.

We've designed a special VaxAid model for Peyronie's sufferers, with a wider chamber specially designed to accommodate for any degree of curvature. As with all our options, our Peyronie's Pump includes a complete 60-day satisfaction or refund guarantee.

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